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Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo Advocates for Cost Reduction in Poultry Farming Through Innovative Feeding Practices

Former BARMM leader Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo has been spearheading innovative initiatives aimed at optimizing production while reducing expenses. One such endeavor involves the experimentation with supplemental feeds for chickens, with promising results thus far.

According to Atty. Sinarimbo, the use of azola as a supplemental feed has shown significant potential in reducing costs without compromising the health and productivity of the chickens. However, achieving the optimal ratio between layer mash feeds and supplemental feeds remains a work in progress, as an imbalance has resulted in a considerable reduction in egg production.

“We are continuously refining our approach to find the proper ratio of layer mash feeds to supplemental feeds,” Atty. Sinarimbo stated. “Our goal is to strike a balance that maximizes production while minimizing costs.”

In addition to exploring innovative feeding practices, Atty. Sinarimbo’s efforts extend to the enhancement of breeding processes. The incubator under his supervision has consistently produced healthy chicks, contributing to the expansion of the layer population.

“At the heart of our endeavors is the desire to empower farmers by enabling them to increase their income,” Atty. Sinarimbo emphasized. “By optimizing production and reducing costs, we aim to create a more sustainable and profitable poultry farming industry.”

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