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Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo celebrates granddaughter Anya’s moving-up ceremony

Former BARMM leader Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo couldn’t contain his pride as he celebrated his granddaughter Anya’s moving-up ceremony, joining families everywhere in the joyous graduation season. The Politiko penned a message for his dear apo.

“Congratulations to our Baby Anya on her moving-up ceremony today,” the Politiko shared. “We’re sharing the joy with kids, friends, and families during this special time.” He emphasized that education is a key to success, though not necessarily just financial success. “Success comes in many forms, and the most fulfilling ones aren’t about material wealth.”

The Politiko also cheered on all the students reaching their educational milestones. “We’re one with all pupils and students in celebrating your achievements and moving up to the next level,” he said, adding a shout-out to parents for their sense of accomplishment.

“Again, congrats to all graduates and completers! May Allah continue to guide you all in your education and your lives,” he concluded.

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