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Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo recalls memory from delayed flight to Philippine peace negotiations

Former BARMM leader Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo recently found himself recalling some memories from 13 years ago. On his Facebook page, the Politiko said he was stranded in Singapore with colleagues after missing their flight to Bandung, Indonesia for a crucial peace agreement review. Instead of fretting, they explored the city, turning an inconvenience into an unexpected adventure. As part of the government’s team handling issues from the 1996 peace agreement with the MNLF, Sinarimbo played a key role in discussions aimed at resolving remaining disputes. Despite progress on many fronts, unresolved issues like a provisional government and strategic minerals persisted. However, subsequent negotiations with the MILF and the establishment of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority eventually brought resolution, marking a significant step forward in peace efforts.

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