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Bangsamoro gov’t prepares for conflict-free SGA plebiscite on April 13

The Bangsamoro government has assured strengthened preparations for a conflict-free Special Geographic Areas (SGA) plebiscite on April 13.

Upcoming voting aims to ratify the laws or the Bangsamoro Autonomy Act Nos. 41-48, which are centered on the creation of eight municipalities for the 63 barangays of the SGA, as approved by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Parliament on Aug. 17 last year.

The proposed municipalities include Pahamuddin, Kadayangan, Nabalawag, Old Kaabakan, Kapalawan, Malidegao, Tugunan, and Ligawasan.

Newly-designated Bangsamoro government Spokesperson Mohd Asnin Pendatun said that the coordination with various stakeholders to guarantee a no-war plebiscite has been ongoing alongside the campaign period and the gun ban, which started on March 14.

He said the interim government is in active partnership with the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Commission on Elections, and other local partners and stakeholders to aid and facilitate violence-free SGA-wide voting.

A total of 89,594 SGA constituents are qualified and expected to vote next week, with 67 voting precincts available.

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