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CM Ebrahim cites significance of wearing hijab by Muslim women

Bangsamoro government Chief Minister Ahod “Al Haj Murad” Ebrahim has underscored the significance of Muslim women wearing hijab, saying this creates an environment that allows them to be recognized for their contributions to society.

Ebrahim made the statement as the Bangsamoro women celebrated the “strength in wearing a veil” on World Hijab Day in Cotabato City on February 1.

This year’s celebration carried the theme “Veiled in Strength,” raising awareness not only about the importance of wearing hijab but also fostering understanding of the rich traditions within Muslim cultures.

“This year marks another milestone for this global initiative in amplifying the voices of Muslim women while promoting inclusivity, education, and cultural exchange,” Ebrahim said.

He said that women are truly represented in the Bangsamoro Parliament and the entire workforce in the autonomous region.

The Chief Minister noted that 16 of the members of parliament are women.

Ebrahim said that World Hijab Day recognizes the Bangsamoro’s rights to self-determination as Muslims in the southern Philippines are freely practicing their culture, traditions, and faith.

He urged his constituents to ensure that the rights of Muslim women in the region, as well as in the entire Philippines, are guaranteed and to work towards empowerment, inclusivity, cultural understanding, and social cohesion.

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