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Cong. Ando Oaminal, Mayor Ben Canama showcase Dynamic Partnership

Cong. Ando Oaminal, together with Mayor Ben Canama, recently engaged in a productive and lengthy coffee break, highlighting their ongoing and upcoming collaborative projects for Tangub City. This vibrant discussion underscores their commitment to steering Tangub City towards a brighter future.

With both leaders at the helm, Tangub City is in capable hands. Their shared vision for the city’s development, coupled with their tireless dedication, promises positive changes and sustainable progress.

As Tangub City embarks on a journey of transformation, the collaboration between Cong. Ando Oaminal and Mayor BEN Canama serves as a powerful testament to their mutual dedication and passion for serving the community.

As they continue to work hand in hand, the residents of Tangub City can rest assured that their leaders are committed to their welfare and prosperity.

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