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Cong. Bai Dimple Mastura Brightens Sultan Kudarat with New Roads and Lights

Congresswoman Bai Dimple Mastura recently brightened up the nights in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao del Norte with a groundbreaking road and lighting project. On her page, the Politiko shared progress from the provincial roadworks.

“At last, the national highway in Sultan Kudarat is well-lit during our nighttime travels. This brings great relief to us motorists,” says Ali Pendatun, a local driver navigating the area.

The Politiko and her team led the ongoing road construction is accompanied by the installation of solar street lights along the national highway.

“This lighting project goes hand in hand with our road construction efforts,” shares the Politiko. “It’s not just about improving our main roads; it’s part of our broader efforts to ensure our projects truly benefit the community. Installing solar street lights alongside our road concreting projects also enhances the safety and security of our citizens.”

Last year, the proactive legislator initiated the road construction project after intensive consultations and coordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) central office.


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