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Cong. Bai Dimple Mastura Distribute Computer and Printer Sets to Schools

The Politiko Facilitates Technology Boost for Sultan Kudarat Schools.

In a significant move to bolster the education system in her district, Maguindanao del Norte with Cotabato City Representative Bai Dimple Mastura spearheaded the distribution of computer and printer sets to schools in the town of Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao del Norte. The Sandakan Elementary School and Alamada Elementary School were the beneficiaries of this donation facilitated by the People’s Representative in collaboration with the Aboitiz Foundation and Cotabato Light and Power Company.

Mrs. Sarya Eto, the Principal of Alamada Elementary School, expressed gratitude for the valuable contribution, highlighting its positive impact on educational processes within their institution. She stated, “This donation from our esteemed Congresswoman, Aboitiz Foundation, and COLIGHT is a significant help in strengthening our educational processes in our school. It is also a great support for our teachers in submitting our reports to the Department of Education.”

Mrs. Apipa Arumpac, the Principal of Alamada Elementary School, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing how fortunate they are to be selected as beneficiaries. She noted, “We are lucky because we were chosen to receive this donation. This will alleviate the hardships we, teachers, face, especially in fulfilling our duties at school.

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