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Cong. Bingo Matugas Leads AICS Payout for Burgos Residents in Siargao Island

Congressman Bingo Matugas spearheaded the distribution of financial aid through the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS) program in Burgos Municipality, Siargao Island. In this initiative, a total of 458 beneficiaries received assistance from the local government.

The AICS payout aims to provide immediate support to residents in need during times of crisis or illness. Under the leadership of Congressman Bingo Matugas, this program continues to serve as a vital bridge to address the essential needs of communities.

The 458 beneficiaries comprise residents from various parts of Burgos Municipality. The distribution of aid demonstrates the determination of the local government to deliver prompt and effective services to its constituents, particularly during times of need.

Currently, the local government is undertaking further steps to expand its services to the residents of Burgos, Siargao Island. The AICS payout is just one of the measures aimed at ensuring that every citizen has the capacity to face and overcome any crisis or challenge they encounter.

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