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Cong. Peter B. Miguel Highlights Importance of Seriousness in Medical Mission

Congressman Peter B. Miguel took to social media to underscore the importance of serious and focused work, particularly in the realm of community service. Reflecting on a significant event from the past year, he shared about a medical mission held in Barangay Punong Grande, Banga.

The congressman emphasized his and his mother’s (Nanay) seriousness during the event, particularly while they were conducting free ear check-ups. This highlights the dedication and commitment they have towards providing essential medical services to the community.

Medical missions play a crucial role in providing healthcare to underserved areas. By hosting such events, the government, alongside various organizations and individuals, can offer necessary medical attention and diagnostic services to individuals who might not otherwise have access to such services.

Through this post, Congressman Miguel not only communicates the importance of community service but also the personal commitment he brings to his role as a public servant. This aligns with his mission to improve the well-being of his constituents and build a stronger, healthier community.

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