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Cong. Pulong Duterte Urges Nation to Unite in Prayer for Philippines’ Future

Rep. Pulong Duterte, the eldest son of former President Rodrigo Duterte, expressing prayers for the country and its citizens on a Sunday afternoon. In his message, Duterte emphasized the importance of maintaining faith in God to ensure the nation’s well-being.

“Today, Sunday, I pray that we all be guided by the Almighty. Let us continue to hold on to our faith in God so that our country can flourish,” he said.

Duterte’s message comes at a time of heightened uncertainty and challenges for the nation.

“Thank you. Let us continue to pray for a better future for our country. Let us continue to unite and have faith. Long live the Philippines! #TogetherWeAreStrong #KeepTheFaithPhilippines #GodKnows #IWillAlwaysBeHere #ForTheNation,” he concluded.

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