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Cong. Toff De Venecia Empowers Fisherfolk Through TUPAD Assistance

The Politiko Fosters Economic Resilience Through TUPAD Assistance.

Cong. Tof De Venecia facilitated the payout of Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Displaced/Disadvantaged Workers (TUPAD) assistance for 365 farmers and fisherfolk in Dagupan City. This initiative provided immediate employment through a ten-day cash-for-work community service program, benefiting those significantly affected by the pandemic and ongoing crises.

The TUPAD program, a collaborative effort with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), aimed to address the livelihood challenges faced by our Kabaleyans amid the pandemic. Through this initiative, immediate employment opportunities were provided to beneficiaries, contributing to their economic resilience during these challenging times.

The recent payout ceremony held at Dagupan City Plaza symbolizes the successful partnership between Christopher De Venecia’s office, DOLE, and the local government of Dagupan City. The seamless distribution of grants underscores the commitment to efficiently channel resources where they are most needed.

Expressing gratitude to DOLE and the local government, Christopher De Venecia emphasizes the importance of collaboration in delivering meaningful assistance to the community. The TUPAD assistance payout reflects a shared commitment to support those facing economic difficulties, reinforcing the vision of a more resilient and empowered community.

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