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Congressman Bingo Matugas Celebrates Progress and Future Development Plans for Siargao

Congressman Bingo Matugas expressed his elation over the realization of his long-standing dream for Siargao to attract more tourists and further develop its tourism industry.

He highlighted the significant increase in daily flights to Siargao, from limited flights in the past to now 28 flights per day. This remarkable progress brings immense joy to Congressman Matugas, who sees it as a testament to the continuous growth and prosperity of the island. He particularly emphasized ongoing infrastructure projects, which are being funded both nationally and internationally. These projects include the construction of a cruise ship port, multi-purpose buildings, upgrades to the Siargao Island Medical Center, the development of new roads, and more. Congressman Matugas reiterated his unwavering commitment to continue striving for the betterment of Siargao and its residents, as well as all Surigaonons. Forward ever, backward never!

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