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Congw. Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran’s Emotional Birthday Message to Husband Al-shadat Hassan Abdurajak

Rep. Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran took to social media to pen an emotional and heartfelt birthday message to her hubby, Al-shadat Hassan Abdurajak. The message, filled with love, humor, and deep affection, captures the essence of their relationship.

“Happiest Birthday, Habi 🎂🫰🏻,”the Politiko began. “May Allah grant all your dua’a and may Allah continue to guide you to the right path 🤲🏻. Thank you for being my partner in crime, my frenemy, my best friend, my lover, my everything 🤣.”

The Politiko didn’t hold back in expressing her gratitude and admiration for her husband, acknowledging the many roles he plays in her life. “Let’s grow old together hand in hand, sharing life’s greatest moments and even in the most challenging times,” the Politiko wrote. “Living, loving, crying, fighting, and laughing, no matter where life leads us, remember that Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, I will always Love You.”

The couple previously went viral online for their traditional Muslim wedding and prenup photos that are CLOY-themed. They are parents to two beautiful kids.

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