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Dalipe admin conducts El Niño info caravan in Zamboanga City

The Zamboanga City government led by Mayor John Dalipe has spearheaded the El Niño Information Caravan, a proactive approach to help enhance resilience and sustainability of the agriculture sector amidst the persisting dry spell.

Dalipe joined the City Agriculturist Office (CAO) led by Arben Magdugo in the recent rollout of the information drive for farmers and fisherfolk under the Sta. Maria Agricultural District.

During the info caravan in all the six agricultural districts in the city, the local goverment discussed the El Niño phenomenon, mitigation plans and programs, fisheries and the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) among others.

The activity aimed to help farmers implement appropriate adaptation strategies, such as adjusting planting schedules, selecting drought-resistant crop varieties, and implementing water-saving irrigation techniques.

CAO also explained during the caravan how the farmers could access support services, resources, and assistance programs available to mitigate the impacts of El Niño on agricultural production.

“By equipping farmers with valuable information and resources, the El Niño Information Caravan helps enhance the resilience and sustainability of the agricultural sector, ultimately safeguarding livelihoods and food security in affected communities,” the CAO said.

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