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Dapitan City Mayor Jalosjos leadership lauded for ensuring safe release of captured endangered sea turtle

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has hailed the Dapitan City government led by Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” P. Jalosjos for ensuring the safety of a captured green sea turtle, which was later released back to the ocean.

The turtle, with an estimated weight of 105 kilograms, was accidentally caught in a fisherman’s corral between Barangay Dawo and Polo Monday morning, January 29.

Fisherman Efren Cidro promptly informed the Dapitan City Agriculture Office of the incident, an indication of growing awareness and responsible behavior of the Dapitanons towards endangered animals, the city government said.

City Agriculturist Mr. Cyril Patangan dispatched a team to retrieve the turtle to ensure its safety and provide temporary care and then turned over to the DENR-City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Piñan for professional assessment and preparation for release.

CENRO Piñan’s Ecosystems Management Specialist I Rose Ann Belotendos said the turtle was healthy.

The turtle was released back to the ocean on the same day at Dapitan Sunset Boulevard.

“The successful release symbolizes more than just one turtle returning home,” Jalosjos said.

“It shows that when we work together, we can make a difference for these incredible creatures,” he added.

Belotendos commended the Dapitan government for its immediate response in turning over captured turtles in the past, citing a record number of releases under Jalosjos’ leadership.

He specifically acknowledged the mayor’s strong advocacy for the city’s coral reef ecosystem.

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