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Digong’s pamangkin tells rallyists: Your protest is hypocrisy!

The Presidential relative has something to say about the Thursday holiday.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s niece, Maria Fema Duterte, slammed some of the protesters on September 21 which was declared by her tito as national day of protests. On her Facebook account, the Presidential relative called the movements an act of hypocrisy.

“Your so called PROTEST is hypocrisy when all these happenings were committed during your watch and this current Administration is cleaning up your mess. Where you not partying when people were massacred in Mindanao, when our sons were murdered and our daughters raped by addicts and our punong barangay and mayors were running an illegal drug trade?”, the staunch Duterte supporter wrote on her page.

“The reality is we, the majority of the people support the administration, despise corrupt politicians and PROTEST your hypocrisy to the heavens!”, she added.

This Presidential pamangkin is indeed giving her all out support to her tito!

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