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Former BARMM leader Naguib Sinarimbo pens a compelling narrative on the evolution of solar power technology

Former BARMM leader Naguib Sinarimbo highlights the advancements made in solar power technology. He contrasts the bulky, heavy batteries and wide solar panels of the early 2000s with the sleek, compact, and efficient versions we have today. Naguib underscores how these modern solar panels and batteries are much more adept at capturing and storing energy from sunlight.

Despite the simplicity of the underlying concept — converting sunlight into electricity — Naguib acknowledges the complexity involved in the scientific and technological aspects. He emphasizes the need for specialized expertise to understand and utilize solar power technology effectively.

Drawing from personal experience, Naguib shares how his farm is now equipped with solar power. This technology efficiently powers various elements of his farm, from the deep well water system to lighting for the poultry, small pumps for the hito hatchery, and even illumination for the kubo.

In conclusion, Naguib proposes that the next generation of Moro farmers should be open to embracing technology and innovation. He encourages them to recognize the potential benefits of solar power and other modern solutions in agricultural practices. The narrative underscores Naguib’s commitment to promoting sustainable farming practices and the potential of solar power to contribute positively to the region’s development.

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