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Gov. Angel Amante, Cong. Dale Corvera offer free services in Cabadbaran

Governor Ma. Angelica Rosedell M. Amante, stepping in for Governor Dale Corvera, took Cabadbaran by storm with an array of free services for Barangay Mahaba and Barangay Puting Bato. This community blitz, part of the AguSerbisyo Caravan Program, turned Barangay Puting Bato Elementary School into a hub of hope and help on May 24.

With a powerful message of solidarity and support, Governor Amante reassured the crowds: “When emergencies strike, we’re here for you! From barangay to city to province, and with the backing of Congressman Dale B. Corvera, no one gets left behind.”

Locals were given free rice, lunch, medical check-ups, meds, circumcisions, tooth extractions, minor surgeries, and even haircuts! The Politiko urged everyone to reach out for help with hospital bills and surgeries, promising unwavering government support. “We’ll help as long as we can,” the Politiko quipped.

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