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Gov Dimaporo greets Muslim Filipinos as Ramadan starts

Lanao del Norte Governor Imelda “Angging” Dimaporo has extended her warm greetings to the Muslim Filipinos who are observing Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan in the Philippines started Tuesday, March 12.

“Let’s embrace this Ramadan season with open hearts, fostering gratitude and seeking closeness to Allah through fasting and devotion,” Dimaporo said.

“May we strive to embody virtues like patience, generosity, and humility, shedding negativity and fostering positive impact in our communities,” she said.

During this time of reflection, the governor urged everyone for forgiveness for any wrongs and prioritize physical and mental well-being.

By nourishing both body and spirit, she said one can fully engage in the spiritual practices of Ramadan.

“May Allah accept our efforts, guiding us towards righteousness and compassion, inspiring lasting change within ourselves and for our beloved province, Lanao del Norte,” Dimaporo said.

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