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Gov. Jerry Singson, Sen. Mark Villar Ignite Economic Prosperity at Ilocos Sur Festival

The Politiko and Senator Villar Unite for Economic Empowerment.

Gov. Jerry Singson and Senator Mark Villar inaugurated the Ilocos Sur Festival Tawid and Kultura Trade Fair on January 29, 2024. The event, held in collaboration with DTI Regional Director Grace Baluyan, marks a significant initiative to showcase the talents of micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) from Ilocos Sur and beyond.

With over 300 booths featuring products under the One Town, One Product (OTOP) banner, the fair becomes a bustling marketplace highlighting the diverse offerings of Ilocos Sur’s entrepreneurs. From delectable local delicacies to intricately crafted fashion and homestyle items, the fair encapsulates the richness of Filipino culture and the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the region.

The Politiko recognized for his dedication to local development, emphasized the importance of supporting MSMEs as engines of economic growth. The collaboration with Senator Villar underscores a shared commitment to fostering a conducive environment for small businesses and encouraging Filipinos to patronize locally-made products.

The Ilocos Sur Festival Tawid and Kultura Trade Fair, beyond being a showcase of products, embodies a vision of economic resilience and empowerment. Governor Singson and Senator Villar’s collective efforts aim to inspire pride in Filipino craftsmanship and contribute to the sustained growth of local industries.

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