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Gov. Mang Sali’s Vision Takes Shape: Tawi-Tawi’s Bridge #2 Project Nears Implementation

Gov. Mang Sali Welcomes Advancements in Bridge #2 Project.

Governor Yshmael “Mang” I. Sali of Tawi-Tawi is on the brink of witnessing the realization of a significant milestone in the province’s development—the imminent implementation of Bridge #2. In a recent update from Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Manuel M. Bonoan, it was revealed that the bridge, connecting Barangay Paniongan in Sanga-Sanga Island to Barangay Tongsinah in Pababag Island, both within the Municipality of Bongao, is poised to advance to the construction phase after undergoing a successful bidding process.

Governor Mang, a key advocate for Tawi-Tawi’s progress, expressed his appreciation alongside provincial officials, including Provincial Engineer Samil Tati, PESO-Coop Tawi-Tawi Manager Francis Marcial, and Mr. Samilee Pianah. The governor highlighted the bridge’s strategic role in supporting ongoing economic initiatives, including the BARMM Tawi-Tawi Integrated Fishport and the nearing completion of a housing complex on Pababag Island. Furthermore, the connectivity facilitated by Bridge #2 is anticipated to enhance economic infrastructures such as the upcoming market complex in Barangay Luuk Pandan on Sanga-Sanga Island.

Engr. Tati, emphasizing the practical benefits of inter-island municipality projects, proposed extending the scope to shared services like schools, hospitals, and electrical facilities. The bridges will mitigate challenges posed by high sea levels, offering residents, including children, a more accessible means of travel.

Governor Mang took the opportunity to seek Secretary Bonoan’s continued support in realizing the Tawi-Tawi Provincial Government’s comprehensive development programs. As the province proudly declares #TawiTawitotheWorld, Governor Mang envisions a future where Tawi-Tawi’s economic and social potential is showcased globally.

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