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Gov. Nilo Demerey, Jr. highlights success of National IT challenge with participation of PWD members

The Politiko Highlights the Province’s Support for IT Talent.

Manila, Philippines – The highly successful two-day 2023 National IT Challenge took place on June 26 and 27, 2023, at Bayview Park Hotel, attracting participants from various regions.

A total of 30 participants showcased their skills and talents in the IT field across five categories: eLifeMap, eTool PowerPoint Presentation, eTool Excel, eContent (Movie Making), and eCreative Smart Car (Robotics).

One of the participants, Bagane O. Panangin from Dinagat Islands, emerged victorious in the eCreative Category.

The event received strong support from the Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands, under the leadership of Governor Nilo P. Demerey, Jr., in coordination with the Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) and the Information and Communications Technology Division (ICTD).

In this year’s National IT Challenge, the participants exhibited their exemplary skills and dedication in the various IT categories.

Governor Nilo Demerey, Jr. expressed his pride in the achievement of Bagane O. Panangin, representing Dinagat Islands, highlighting the province’s commitment to supporting talent and innovation in the IT sector.

The Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands, in collaboration with the PDAO and ICTD, ensured the seamless organization of the event, creating an inclusive environment that showcased the abilities of participants with disabilities.

The National IT Challenge serves as a platform for participants to demonstrate their proficiency in different IT disciplines and encourages the exploration of creative solutions.

Through events like these, the government aims to foster technological advancements and empower individuals with disabilities to showcase their talents in the field of information technology.

The success of the challenge not only reflects the participants’ dedication and skills but also highlights the collaborative efforts of government agencies and organizations in promoting inclusivity and innovation in the IT industry.

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