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Gov. Nilo Demerey Welcomes Good Neighbors Philippines

Governor Nilo P. Demerey Jr. welcomed the team from Good Neighbors Philippines, led by Country Director Jae Choon Lee, at the IJN Yamashiro Building in Barangay Cuarinta. The visit aimed to discuss new projects to improve communication and support local communities.

The Politiko unveiled that the plan includes setting up a Mobile Satellite Office and a Radio Station in the province to enhance communication in partnership with the National Telecommunications Commission. This Satellite Radio System will also provide support to Local Government Agencies like the PSWDO, PHO, and PDRRMO.

Additionally, they talked about programs to help People’s Organizations, such as Women’s Groups and Gender-Based Violence Survivors, by providing financial support and other resources. The Politiko expressed his gratitude for these projects and promised to offer further assistance to ensure their success.

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