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Gov. Niño Sotero L. Uy, Jr. Cheers on ALS Grads: ‘You Did It!’

Davao Oriental Governor Niño Sotero L. Uy, Jr. congratulated the Alternative Learning System (ALS) students who defied the odds to graduate this year.

“Congrats to all our amazing ALS grads!” the Politiko exclaimed. “I’m thrilled to see you guys smashing your goals. Your success proves that no matter how tough life gets, there’s always a way to win!”

The Politiko’s message was all about grit and gratitude, urging the graduates to keep pushing forward. “Let’s keep going strong,” he urged. “And never forget to thank God for every blessing we’ve got.”

The Politiko’s enthusiastic praise lit up the celebration, showing just how proud he is of these resilient achievers who turned their dreams into reality.

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