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Gov. Niño Uy Celebrates Barangay Batawan’s 56th Anniversary and 14th SANIGUMA Festival

Governor Niño Uy joined the residents of Barangay Batawan in celebrating their 56th anniversary and 14th SANIGUMA Festival, emphasizing the importance of unity and community development.

“I’m thrilled to join you in this precious celebration,” he said. “This event showcases our unity and our shared dreams for progress and development.”

The Politiko encouraged the community to continue supporting and helping each other for the greater good. “Let’s continue to support and help each other for the good of everyone. Our unity gives us inspiration and strength, making our community even stronger,” the Politiko remarked. “Through our efforts and cooperation, we can bring real change and growth.”

The Politiko concluded his message by expressing his hopes for the future. “Thank you all, and let’s keep working together for a brighter future!” he said.

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