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Gov. Niño Uy Commends Youth Engagement in Unified Youth Network Governor Generoso Chapter

Reflecting on his own journey as a youth leader, Governor Niño Uy expresses his delight at engaging with the vibrant youth community in Unified Youth Network Governor Generoso Chapter. Acknowledging their active involvement in community events, Governor Uy emphasizes the pivotal role of young people in societal development, regardless of their diverse backgrounds.

As Governor, he extends his unwavering support to the youth’s advocacies and endeavors, recognizing their potential to drive innovation and foster self-reliance. With their boundless energy and passion, Governor Uy envisions a future where collaboration and inclusivity reign, paving the way for a stronger and more cohesive community.

Calling for unity and solidarity, Governor Niño Uy urges everyone to join hands in amplifying the voices of the youth, laying the groundwork for a promising future for Davao Oriental.

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