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Gov. Niño Uy Reinforces Commitment to Agricultural Development in Davao Oriental

DAVAO ORIENTAL — Governor Niño Uy reaffirmed his administration’s dedication to expanding provincial support for agriculture during a dialogue with farmers and agricultural advocates on May 14, 2024, at Sitio Magay, Don Martin Marundan, Mati.

In his address, Governor Uy emphasized the importance of agriculture as a cornerstone of the province’s economy and underscored the need for enhanced support mechanisms to ensure sustainable growth and productivity in the sector. He detailed several initiatives aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to farmers, including access to modern farming technologies, financial aid, and training programs designed to boost agricultural output and improve livelihoods.

The dialogue session, reported by PIO Correspondent Karen Lou Deloso, served as a platform for stakeholders to voice their concerns and suggestions directly to the governor. This engagement highlighted the provincial government’s commitment to inclusive and participatory governance, ensuring that the needs of the farming community are met with effective and responsive solutions.

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