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Gov. Nino Uy Spearheads Nature Protection and Livelihood Initiative in Davao Oriental

Governor Niño Uy engaged in discussions with representatives from Kennemer Eco Solutions and BaiAni Foundation regarding the implementation of the Mindanao Forests for People and Sustainable Livelihoods (MinFor Project) in Davao Oriental. This initiative underscores a sustainable endeavor aimed at forest protection and nature conservation, involving diverse groups and indigenous communities.

The proposed project not only focuses on forest conservation but also aims to establish sustainable livelihood opportunities in various communities, addressing the challenges associated with forest resource utilization through the adoption of best practices in conservation.

Governor Uy conveyed his profound appreciation for this initiative, recognizing its significance in the development of Davao Oriental. He emphasized its potential to positively impact the livelihoods and forest management practices of the local populace. Furthermore, he highlighted the alignment of this endeavor with the Provincial Government’s vision of supporting nature conservation efforts and advancing critical development programs within the agricultural sector.

Governor Niño Uy is optimistic that the collaboration with Kennemer and the Bai Ani Foundation will significantly contribute to nature protection and conservation efforts while simultaneously bolstering livelihood opportunities, particularly among indigenous communities in Davao Oriental.

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