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Gov. Ruel D. Pacquiao Engages in Barangay Consultation Visit

In a proactive move towards community engagement and development, Governor Rogelio “Ruel” D. Pacquiao recently undertook a significant visit to Barangay Tokawal. Led by Barangay Captain Virgilio Tamayo, the gathering facilitated a productive exchange on pertinent issues and identified areas ripe for development within the barangay.

Expressing enthusiasm for collaboration, Governor Pacquiao emphasized the importance of forging a robust partnership with Barangay Tokawal. The discussions centered on leveraging collective resources and expertise to implement targeted initiatives aimed at enhancing the welfare of constituents and driving progress across the province.

The visit, held on March 25, 2024, underscored the Governor’s commitment to grassroots engagement and inclusive governance, signaling a concerted effort to foster sustainable development and prosperity in Sarangani Province.

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