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Gov. Ruel Pacquiao Leads Coastal Inspection in Sarangani Bay for Month of the Ocean

Governor Rogelio “Ruel” D. Pacquiao of Sarangani Province spearheaded a significant initiative in commemoration of the Month of the Ocean, collaborating with the Philippine Coast Guard and the PNP Maritime for a thorough coastal inspection in Sarangani Bay.

This joint effort, under the Politiko’s leadership, not only reaffirms the province’s commitment to environmental preservation but also amplifies its focus on maritime security. Recognizing the indispensable role oceans play in sustaining life on Earth, Governor Pacquiao emphasizes the importance of protecting Sarangani Bay for the welfare of its coastal communities.

Through this collaborative endeavor, Governor Pacquiao aims to ensure the ecological integrity of Sarangani Bay while bolstering maritime law enforcement measures. This unified action serves as a testament to the governor’s strong dedication to safeguarding the natural treasures of Sarangani Bay for the benefit of its people.

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