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Gov. Yshmael Sali recently took part in a local executive meeting

The Politiko, together with other fellow Mindanaoan leaders, took part in the big event in Manila.

Tawi-Tawi Governor Yshmael I. Sali, together with other Mayors of the island municipalities in the province, joined their fellow LCEs from the various parts of the country in the said gathering. Secretary Duque of the Department of Health addressed the issue on the global health emergency that is the Novel Corona Virus (nCoV). The meeting underscored that public should not panic and instead be attentive and help the government in its fight to make the Philippines nCoV-free, reiterating that amidst a lot of fake news and wide misinformation about it, Philippines is generally safe from the deadly virus.

During the same event, President Duterte’s urged the LGUs to empower and strengthen the enforcement against illegal drugs. He urged that by devolution of powers, LGUs must do in their full capacities to eradicate drugs in the grassroots level.

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