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Gov.Yvonne Cagas Congratulates Son for Winning Ambassador of Cor Jesu 2024

The Politiko and proud mama expressed pride and joy as she congratulates her son, Kuya Gab, for his outstanding achievements.

Governor Yvonne Cagas beams with pride and joy as she shares the remarkable achievements of her son, Kuya Gab, who has been named Ambassador of Cor Jesu 2024. In a heartfelt message, she expresses her heartfelt congratulations and admiration for his accomplishments in the prestigious competition.

Kuya Gab’s exceptional performance in the Cor Jesu 2024 pageant is highlighted by his remarkable accolades, including Best in School Uniform, Casual Wear, Sports Wear, and Most Photogenic. These accolades reflect not only his charm and charisma but also his versatility and grace across various aspects of the competition.

As the crowning achievement, Kuya Gab proudly claims the title of Ambassador 2024, a testament to his outstanding presence, character, and leadership qualities. Governor Yvonne Cagas expresses her overwhelming pride in her son’s achievements, emphasizing the significance of his success in the competition.

In her message, the Politiko extended her love and support to Kuya Gab, expressing her gratitude and appreciation for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. She assures him that Mama and Papa are immensely proud of his accomplishments and are delighted to witness his success.

With love and admiration, Governor Yvonne Cagas celebrates Kuya Gab’s victory as Ambassador of Cor Jesu 2024, recognizing his talent, charisma, and remarkable achievements in the competition.

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