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Governor Niño Uy’s Vision for Sports Development in Davao Oriental

Governor Niño Sotero L. Uy, Jr., has issued a rallying cry to enhance sports development programs in Davao Oriental. During the recent Provincial Local School Board (PLSB) meeting held at the Provincial Capitol on April 8, Governor Uy underscored the importance of strengthening collaborations and consolidating resources to uplift local athletic talents.

“We must elevate our Sports Development Programs in the province. It’s crucial to strengthen collaborations and utilize resources to support our talents. We need clear direction and harmonization to enhance our Sports Development Programs further. The support of Local Government Units (LGUs) and other stakeholders is essential,” emphasized Governor Uy during the meeting.

Governor Uy believes that fostering collaborations will provide athletes with invaluable coaching experiences, access to top-notch training facilities, and essential equipment. This approach is vital for nurturing talent within the province.

In line with his commitment to cultivating a vibrant sports community, Governor Uy aims to empower both existing and newly established local sports clubs catering to diverse interests and age groups. His vision extends beyond athleticism to promoting healthy lifestyles and nurturing talent to foster a robust sports ecosystem.

“We need to strengthen Sports Clubs across Davao Oriental. We must pay attention to, support, and organize sports activities to increase the love for sports in the province. Comprehensive support is necessary to expand our sports programs and activities. Focus, consistency, and year-round training will make a significant difference for our athletes,” emphasized Governor Uy.

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