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Governor Yvonne Cagas Unveils Upgrades at DSPH Emergency Room

The Politiko wants an Elevated Healthcare in Davao del Sur.

Governor Yvonne Cagas visited the Emergency Room at Davao del Sur Provincial Hospital (DSPH) on the evening of December 11, 2023. During the visit, she expressed her concern regarding the high number of admissions and deliveries at the hospital. Governor Cagas kindly appealed for understanding as the ongoing renovation of the hospital continues.

She emphasized the efforts invested in repairing, expanding, and acquiring additional medical equipment to enhance the quality of services provided. The goal is to offer an improved and more efficient healthcare experience for the beloved residents of Davao del Sur.

Governor Cagas reassured the people of her commitment to creating a more beautiful paradise, as reflected in the hashtag #MaanyagNaParaiso. The colorful heart emojis convey her genuine care and dedication to the well-being of the Davsuranon community.

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