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Is it over? Evan Nelle, Kitty Duterte unfollow each other on IG

Kitty Duterte, the youngest daughter of former President Rodrigo Duterte, and Evan Nelle, the DLSU hoops heartthrob, have hit the unfollow button on each other’s Instagram accounts.

This move comes as a total 180 from their previous lovey-dovey antics! Remember when Kitty was the ultimate basketball babe, cheering on Evan during the UAAP Season 86 finals showdown? She was practically his lucky charm, rocking his jersey and sealing the win with a sweet embrace post-game.

But now, with the sudden social media snub, fans are left scratching their heads. Kitty even shared a bunch of photo dump on her page, without Evan in it. Are they shooting airballs in their relationship, or is this just a timeout?

No one has spilled the tea on their alleged breakup, leaving their followers hanging onto every post, comment, and unfollow. The mystery deepens as speculation swirls like a whirlwind.

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