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Isabelle Duterte pens Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Brother Rigo

Isabelle Duterte has penned an adorable birthday greeting for her brother, Rigo. Sharing heartwarming throwback photos, the post celebrates the special bond shared between siblings.

The charming message reflects the cherished memories and closeness they’ve shared, encapsulating the joy of growing up together. As the family’s newest edition, the birthday boy is depicted as the family’s pride and joy, with Isabelle expressing her heartfelt love and admiration for her kuya.

The photos paint a picture of their bond, showcasing the candid moments and laughter they’ve shared. They are a testament to the special relationship they’ve developed over the years.

The birthday greeting not only celebrates the birth of Rigo but also serves as a reminder of the love and bond shared within the family. It’s a touching tribute to their enduring relationship and the joyous moments they’ve shared together.

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