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Jalosjos admin congratulates Dapitan City Schools Division for ranking 4th most improved in NAT G10

The Dapitan City government led by Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” P. Jalosjos has congratulated the Dapitan City Schools Division as it ranked higher in the National Achievement Test (NAT) G10: Top 4 Most Improved.

The Department of Education’s Curriculum and Teaching Strand announced the remarkable progress. The schools division ranked among the Top 4 Most Improved Schools Division Offices in the NAT G10 from 2020 to 2023.

“This achievement is a true testament to the dedication, hard work, and collaborative spirit of the entire Dapitan City Schools Division community. From our passionate teachers and supportive staff to our enthusiastic students and engaged parents, everyone played a vital role in this success story,” the city government said.

It was a well-deserved recognition, it said, adding that the remarkable improvement inspires everyone and paves the way for even greater achievements in the future.

“Keep up the excellent work, Dapitan City Schools Division! We’re all proud of you!” the local government said.

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