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January Duterte takes pride in daughter’s academic feat

Pulong’s wife Expressed Pride in Daughter Sabina’s Academic Achievements.

In a recent IG story, January Duterte, wife of Cong. Paolo Duterte, shared her heartfelt pride in her daughter Sabina’s academic accomplishments at Brent International School. The young Duterte has achieved the distinction of being an honors student, showcasing her dedication and commitment to her studies.

January, took a moment to celebrate her daughter’s success, highlighting the importance of education in shaping a bright future.

Sabina Duterte’s achievements reflect her diligence and the rigorous educational environment fostered by Brent International School. The institution has a strong reputation for providing a well-rounded education that promotes excellence and character development.

As Sabina continues to excel academically, she serves as an inspiration to her peers and the younger generation. Her achievement serves as a testament to the value of education and the rewards that come from dedicated effort and commitment.

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