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Jocellyn Duterte blasts Regine Velasquez: What have you done for Mother Earth?

The Presidential sister has something to say to the Asia’s song bird.

Jocellyn Duterte – Villarica, sister of President Duterte recently expressed her thoughts on the public squabble involving singer Regine Velasquez and reporter Ben Tulfo. On her Facebook, the outspoken sister of President Duterte asked Ms. Regine about what she has done for Mother Earth.

“Regien V, wat hav u done for Mother Earth? Plant a tree? hjave a garden? Support environmental group? or Politika?!”, she wrote.

The Presidential sister is known for her tirades against her brother’s critics, and for her utmost support to the Duterte administration. She is one of the four siblings of the President, alongside Eleonor, Emmanuel, and Benjamin.

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