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Kitty Duterte Adorable Selfie with beau Evan Nelle and sis

Kitty Duterte Shares Candid Moment with DLSU Star Evan Nelle and Sibling Mira in Latest Social Media Update.
In a heartwarming social media post that has sparked excitement among her followers, Kitty Duterte recently shared a delightful glimpse into her personal life. The photograph features the luminous trio of Kitty herself, the accomplished DLSU basketball star Evan Nelle, and her younger sister Mira.

This selfie, emanating warmth and joy, beautifully encapsulates the close bond between Kitty, Evan, and Mira. In an era dominated by carefully curated images, this candid moment provides an authentic snapshot of the happiness shared among the three individuals. The affectionate atmosphere captured in the photograph not only resonates with fans but also stands as a testament to the significance of genuine connections and cherished relationships.

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