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Kitty Duterte Cheers on DLSU Game Amidst Romance Buzz with Nelle

What a supportive bae indeed!

Kitty Duterte, daughter of former President Rodrigo Duterte, was spotted attending a DLSU basketball game. Adding intrigue to the spectacle, it was revealed that she is romantically involved with Evan Nelle, a talented player from the DLSU basketball team.

The young couple’s presence at the game drew attention from spectators and fans alike, sparking curiosity about their relationship. Kitty Duterte, known for her low-key public profile, surprised many with her appearance to support her beau.

Evan Nelle, a standout player for DLSU, has been making waves in collegiate basketball. The revelation of his relationship with Kitty Duterte has generated buzz on social media, with fans expressing their support for the couple.

As the pair continues to navigate the spotlight, Kitty’s presence at the basketball game has only fueled the interest of fans and followers, leaving many eager to see more of their public appearances together. Stay tuned for updates on this blossoming relationship between Kitty Duterte and Evan Nelle.

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