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Kitty Duterte on ‘using’ people’s taxes: May trabaho mama ko!

The young Duterte, just like her dad, have a straightforward answer to an allegation.

Fourteen year old Veronica “Kitty” Duterte recently answered the allegation that the Duerte family has been using people’s taxes to fund their travel. On her Curious Cat account, an anonymous netizen told her to stop using taxes to travel.

“Wag nyo ubusin yung tax namin palagi kayung nag travel gamit sa pera namin^_^”, the netizen wrote via Curious Cat website.

“Wag nyo ubusin oras namin kasi may trabaho mama ko ^_^”, Kitty responded.

Her mom, Honeylet Avanceña, reportedly owns a couple of Mister Donut franchise outlets, and a meat shop business. She is also a nurse by profession.

Strong and fiery like dad!


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