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Kitty Duterte pens heartwarming message on mom Honeylet’s birthday

Veronica Kitty Duterte, the daughter of the former President, celebrated her mother’s birthday with a touching message. Honeylet Avancena, who is known for her roles as the “first lady” was lauded by Kitty in an Instagram post.

“Happy Birthday to the backbone of this family,” Kitty wrote. “You give us strength and you keep us grounded. We are the luckiest to have you.”

Kitty’s message was filled with gratitude for Honeylet’s love and support, recounting moments where Honeylet had been there during difficult times, such as comforting her in a parking lot, providing food, and even flying to be with her.

“You say you want me to be different, but all I want is to be like you,” Kitty wrote. “Honestly, the greatest gift you gave me is your ability to love and the extremity of it.”

She also highlighted the importance of forgiveness, a lesson she learned from her mother, stating, “The greatest lesson you taught me though, is the power of forgiveness and that there is no love without it.”

Kitty’s message ended with a declaration of love and appreciation for her mother, who she described as the best mama, partner, entrepreneur, nurse, driver, gardener, carpenter, cook, cleaner, teacher, Miss Know-It-All, and the OG Mutya.

The post was accompanied by a series of throwback pictures, including one of the two sharing a warm embrace.

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