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Kitty Duterte Shares Candid Moments with beau Evan Nelle and Bestie Via Gonzales

The young Duterte radiates Joy in Candid Moments with DLSU’s Evan Nelle and BFF Via Gonzales.

In a delightful display of camaraderie and friendship, Kitty Duterte, daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, recently shared heartwarming photos capturing moments of joy with her favorite people. Among them are Evan Nelle, the standout basketball player from De La Salle University, and her best friend, Via Gonzales.

The shared snapshots on Kitty Duterte’s social media showcase the trio enjoying each other’s company, radiating smiles and laughter. Evan Nelle, known for his prowess on the basketball court, appears to share a close bond with Kitty, creating a buzz among fans and followers.

The images not only capture the lighter side of Kitty Duterte but also highlight the significance of genuine connections in her life. It’s evident that she values the time spent with those who bring positivity and joy into her world.

While Kitty Duterte is often in the public eye due to her family’s high-profile status, these personal glimpses into her life offer a refreshing perspective, showing her as a teenager savoring meaningful friendships. The shared moments with Evan Nelle, a sports figure known for his skill and dedication, and Via Gonzales, her trusted confidante, add a relatable touch to the life of the President’s daughter.

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