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Kitty Duterte Shares Moments with Evan Nelle and Friends

Kitty Duterte, daughter of former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, recently took to social media to share glimpses of her latest adventures alongside her boyfriend, Evan Nelle, a basketball player for De La Salle University (DLSU), and their friends.

The photos, posted on Kitty’s social media accounts, captured joyful moments as the group enjoyed each other’s company. Among them was Evan Nelle, known for his prowess on the basketball court as a standout player for DLSU’s basketball team.

Kitty Duterte’s social media posts offer a rare peek into her personal life, often showcasing her close relationships and leisure activities. Her latest photos with Evan Nelle and friends highlight cherished moments of camaraderie and fun, providing fans and followers with a glimpse into her life beyond the public eye.

The images have garnered attention and reactions from netizens, sparking discussions and admiration for the young couple and their circle of friends.

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