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Kitty Duterte Unveils New Promo Materials for Baker Aesthetics Clinic

The young Duterte took to Instagram to reveal new promotional materials for Baker Aesthetics clinic, showcasing her recent rhinoplasty procedure.

In a recent Instagram post, Kitty Duterte, daughter of former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, shared new promotional materials for Baker Aesthetics clinic. The materials feature images and videos of Kitty flaunting her refined nose following her recent rhinoplasty procedure at the clinic.

The promotional materials, meticulously crafted by Baker Aesthetics, highlight Kitty’s transformation and the expertise of the clinic’s medical professionals. Through stunning visuals and compelling captions, the materials aim to attract potential clients interested in cosmetic enhancements.

With the unveiling of these new promo materials, Baker Aesthetics hopes to continue expanding its clientele and solidifying its position as a premier destination for cosmetic procedures in the Philippines. The collaboration with Kitty Duterte underscores the clinic’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

As Kitty continues to share her journey and promote Baker Aesthetics, she not only showcases her own transformation but also raises awareness about cosmetic enhancements and the importance of choosing a reputable clinic. Through her partnership with Baker Aesthetics, Kitty empowers individuals to explore cosmetic procedures and embrace their desired aesthetic changes.

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