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Lanao del Sur LGU: No truth to rumor of another Marawi siege in the offing

The provincial government of Lanao del Sur has allayed fears of its residents that another siege could happen in Marawi City due to the alleged presence of ISIS-inspired terrorists in the three-day Juhor currently happening at Abubakr Masjid (Markaz), Basak Malutlut.

“Please be informed that there is no truth to the rumor that there will be another siege that shall happen in Marawi City,” the local government said.

Quoting Brigadier General Romeo Brawner Jr. of the 103rd Brigdade, it said that Juhor has been coordinated with the security sector a month ago, and soldiers and policemen have been deployed in the area to ensure a peaceful conduct of this holy activity.

Security measures are already in place, it added.

“The participants of the Juhor promised that they will police their own ranks, and will report to the military any suspicious person or activity,” the provincial government said.

Also part of the precautionary measure, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has required the participants to submit the names of the foreign participants.

Muslim soldiers have also been joining this event.

“Please be assured that the provincial government, city government, municipal mayors, religious and community leaders, and securiry sector are working together to ensure that the Marawi siege in 2017 will not be repeated ever again Insha Allah,” the local government said.

About a thousand people died and thousands of families have been displaced in the Marawi siege two years ago.

The government is still rehabilitating and rebuilding the war-torn city.

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