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Mayor Ben Canama Bonds with Barangay San Apolinario Leaders

Mayor Ben Canama made waves in Barangay San Apolinario with a lively visit that had everyone talking. The Politiko and his crew from Tangub City, including some LGU employees, spent the day hanging out and bonding with the barangay’s top dogs – from Barangay and SK Officials to BPAT, PSU, BNS, Day Care Workers, and Purok Presidents. It was all about building connections and showing love to the local leaders.

“UNA kanunay ang GINOO!” (God always comes first!), the Politiko declared, keeping the vibes positive and the community spirit strong in San Apolinario. It was a day full of camaraderie, fun, and reaffirming the tight-knit bonds that make Tangub City special.

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