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Mayor Ben Canama Inspects New Bus Terminal Site in Tangub City

Mayor Ben Canama conducted an ocular site visit to the upcoming New Bus Terminal in May Isidro D. Tan on April 19, 2024, accompanied by city engineers and LGU employees. This initiative aims to prepare Tangub City for the future development associated with the Panguil Bay Bridge project, focusing on revitalization, improvement, and further transformation.

During the visit, Mayor Canama emphasized the importance of proactive planning and infrastructure development to accommodate the anticipated changes brought by the Panguil Bay Bridge. The new bus terminal holds significant promise in enhancing transportation efficiency and facilitating economic growth in Tangub City.

With the vision of fostering a community where Misamisnons live peacefully, prosperously, and happily, Mayor Canama underscores the commitment to the 5Ms principle: Misamisnon Live Peacefully Prosperous and Happy, guiding the city’s initiatives towards holistic progress and well-being.

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